The following is a method by Shaykh Abd Al Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baaz (rahimahullaah) who mentioned the cure of Black Magic after the person is afflicted with it. Also, this method is particularly used if man cannot have intercourse with his wife as Shaykh Abdullah bin Abd Ar Rahman Al-Jibreen stated, “I used Ruqya on relatives and friends who were not able to have intercourse with their wives following what Ibn Katheer (rahimuAllah) said. I used Sidr leaves and recited the verses he mentioned and they were cured, Allah Willing.

1. Fill a 5ltr container with water

STEP 2 : Read the following Verses
Ayah ul Kursi (2:255),
Surah Al Ikhlaas (112)
Surah Al Falaq (113)
Surah An Naas (114)
Surah (7) Al-Aaraf verses 80 to 82
Surah (20) Taha, verses 65 to 69

1. Blow into container filled with water
2. Take 3 sips of the water

1. Make Ghusl from the remaining water

Repeat the following steps twice a day if necessary.

Ghusl should be made in a clean place and the water should be caught in a container and poured outside in the garden/yard.
It is not permitted to let it go into the drain due to it being water upon which the Qur’aan has been recited.