Introduction to Diagnosis
Even though we have the page printed with all the versus we still need to diagnose the patient and we do this for two reasons. When you identify the Sihr, it weakens the Sihr (it is like the Jinn, the fact that you don’t see the Jinn and it hides this gives it power over you, but the moment you find it or identify it then that weakens them. This is the same for Sihr. When you identify the Sihr you can understand how to treat it and you know when it is affecting you so you can take action immediately. When the person comes back and we re-diagnose then we can see if there is an improvement and where there are differences. We can see if it is new or still the same or if it is worse. You will be able to see how the patient progresses.

Remember if the person has just one of the symptoms then we cannot say that he is affected totally with Sihr, there has to also be symptoms in the other categories and they must match as well. You must also check if the mental states are psychological or not as well. You must ask when did mental problems start and how – example maybe it was an accident or something bad happened to the person. This could affect the person as well.

The Symptoms
The symptoms that affect a persons life will be in four categories. With this, you will do the diagnosis and see if the person if affected. Remember that the symptoms must be unusual, repetitive and systematic.

The four categories are :
Blockages in Life, Unusual Mental States, Unusual Health Problems and Repetitive Nightmares

Blockages in life
Blockages in life are the main objective of Sihr and this is what determines the presence of Sihr while the other symptoms are side effects which determine how Sihr was made and which treatment we have to give. You will ask the person if they continue to struggle in their life – personally and in Deen. They will explain that they always feel like something is holding them back and everything they try just fails. Even intimacy with their spouse will be strained and difficult. The person will always feel that all opportunities will never materialise.

Unusual Mental State
The person will have unusual and extreme mental states like anger, fear, sadness, anxiety and other negative emotions. The person will also see shadows or feel a presence of Jinn and become very unstable and sometimes people around him will feel that he is becoming crazy. Many times it will seem to be psychological but Sihr attacks the mental state of the person and this will make the person unproductive, therefore causing a blockage in his life. You will find that most of the time women will have extreme negative emotions due to some trauma in their life – like the loss of a child or parent, sexual abuse, difficult husbands, loneliness etc. This can easily cause the Jinn to possess a women, therefore you have to look at the root of where Jinn will continuously come in. Women will often feel worthless and have a very low self esteem. You have to encourage them and help them rebuild their confidence. This is what helps against the Jinn possession

Unusual Health problems
Health problems determine where cupping must be done and how much Senna leaves and oil to give. With Hijaama you put the cups on every place on the body where the patient has pain or dysfunction. You give Senna leaves when the person feels a lot of stomach pain. You will give Senna leaves based on the symptoms.

If the person comes back, and had pain during the last two days, then give Senna again but access the symptoms. When stomach pains persist or do not seem to fit with the effects of eaten Sihr then do Hijaama on the stomach. For infertility, do Hijaama on the ovaries even if there is no pain. For impotence, do Hijaama on pubis and kidneys. When organs are malfunctioning, even without pain, do Hijaama.

For young children, haemophiliacs, very sensitive skin, or patients who do not want then do not do cupping. When the pains or dysfunction are severe, give oil or pomade and rub while reading Surah Fatiha 11 or 21 times according to the intensity of the problem. To amplify the effects of the treatment for difficult cases, tell the patient to take a shower in the morning and evening and rub again with oil.

In case of Jinn, problems at home, problems in business or work, or multiple problems, the patients must spray the house and business twice. Always search to remove all problems the patient has the first time. When you doubt, treat. Each time the patient comes back, ask yourself if it was not possible to remove all of the problems the first time.

For symbols, firstly you have to master the dream’s interpretation of Sorcery. Then, link blockages in life and mental states. If the symbols is not enough to explain the blockages and the problems of the person search which other Sihr there is. For this, ask yourself the question: If I would like to cause this problem, which sort of sorcery will I use? and according to the principle wherein I am the criminal, then ask Allah to guide you. Witchcraft is a world of intentions and symbols, and your intention, your prayer and your effort will allow you to beat it In sha Allah.
Finally, during reading, ask Allah to show you.

Repetitive Nightmares
You will ask the person if they have had specific nightmares. The person does not need to explain in detail all their nightmares. You just have to ask the person if they have had these dreams:
Chasing, Snakes, Cats and Dogs, Falling or High Places, Water or Rivers, Meat or Fish, Blood or Sacrifices, Masks or Statues, Travelling and Babies, Death or Cemeteries, Fighting, Pinned or Chocked. From this you will be able to see the symbols related to these dreams. This will also give you an idea of how the Sihr was done.