Evil Eye and its effects

Ayn (Nazr) or Evil Eye (Jealousy) is when you look at something and admire it without praising Allah or saying Maashallah and you may also have an “evil” desire for it, then that will break the Baraka (blessings) of that thing. There are some people that have the capacity to make Ayn easy, when they look at something with desire and don’t take the name of Allah then it can affect the person easily. Sometimes Ayn comes from a group also so no-one has the full capacity to make the Ayn by himself so when many people have Ayn it affects the person like Sihr and the person will feel the effects like Sihr. Ayn is not Sihr but too much Ayn gives the person the same effects like the person has Sihr so the treatment of Ayn is always included in the Ruqya.