Answer: The sahaba put the condition of being paid to make the Ruqya. Al-Bukhari reports the story of the chief of tribe bit by a scorpion: “I will not make you the roqya until you fix us a salary”. And they agreed on a group of sheep. Some muftis claim we can receive salary only after the person is cured. The matter is only depending on the terms of the contract. We do not engage ourselves that the person will be cured. The salary we ask is only for the time and effort we spend on the person. There is no guarantee he will be cured, that is in the hand of Allah, but our commitment is to do our best. It is like a doctor, you pay the consultation, for the time and effort he spends with you, but if you are not cured you cannot claim your money back because he did his job. Besides, our tariffs are a minimum for functioning and we never refuse to treat someone who has nothing.

Most Ruqya centres charge the same fee. It is up to the Raaqi to use his / her discretion on discounts or additional charges. If you cannot afford the treatment fee, please contact your local Raaqi to make arrangements.

Diagnose and Treatment

The treatment may include :
1. Diagnosis
2. Hijama/Cupping (Optional – dependant on Raaqi)
3. Quranic Recitation
4. Treatment Pack (Oils, Incense, Senna Leaves, Quranic Sheet) – Extra charges for additional products (ex Sidr)
5. Psychotherapy (Dependant on case intensity)
Proposed charge R500.00 per person.


Once treatment has been completed, some patients may return for a follow-up or the case may be so severe that a second or third treatment may be needed. Returning to a Raaqi does not mean that Ruqya is not working. You must bare in mind that Sihr is generally with a person for many years and may not be removed in a few days. Its takes a lot of hard work and dedication, not to mention that a cure can be prolonged by constant sinning.

Followup charges may be dependant on the Raaqi.

May Allah guide and help us all. Ameen

Please Note : Charges may change without prior notification