The Prophet (SAW) said that “Jinn are of three types: One type with wings that fly in the air, one type that are snakes and scorpions and another that settles and moves“. Jinn prefer places that have been deserted however there are some who live with humans. Many Jinn reside in rubbish bins, toilets and filthy places. They eat the food left over by humans as well as bones and animal dung, as reported by Abu Hurairah. Jinn can also take many shapes and forms but never appear to humans in their true form. Most Jinn appear to humans in dreams. They do not like making themselves apparent so remain hidden while doing the dirty work of Shaytaan. The Jinn who work for Shaytaan are called Shayateen.

There are many groups or tribes of Jinn who also follow many different religions. There are also good and bad Jinn, just like humans on earth. There are Jinn who do good work however in no way is man allowed to interact and get Jinn to work for them. We cannot ask the Jinn for assistance wether they offer it or not. All help only comes from Allah alone. Jinn are also not allowed to interact and assist man, however they sometimes come into our world and do so.

In many cultures and religions Jinn appear in different forms therefore man has given them different names. In some cultures they are called “Ghosts” or Spirits, while in others they are thought to be ancestors or the souls of dead people. At the end of the day they are all the same thing – JINN.

When it comes to Sihr, Jinn are used to do the dirty work by affecting or troubling a person. Some Jinn may even become more apparent by “possessing” a person, especially when Quraan is read against them or the person tries to some closer to Allah.

The Effects of Jinn

Jinn can cause or have many effects in a persons life. Some of the effects are listed below.

1. Physical Harm
Jinn can cause physical harm to a person by means of pain or by manipulating parts of the body. This type of harm is particular difficult for doctors to detect because the scans and reports will show no problem whilst the person remains in pain.

2. Possession
Possession is basically knows as a Jinn controlling a person. This is a very deep subject but because for simplicity purposes, it can be explained by means of a Jinn taking a certain amount control over a persons mind and body. In many cases the possessed person can hear and see what is going on around them but may not feel that they have full control. This often leads to fear in the person. Extracting the Jinn from a possessed person is basically done by Quraanic versus and by some minor therapy directly to the person, making them feel strong and affirming them that they have the ability to fight against the Jinn.

3. Mental or Emotional
Mental or emotion effects of Jinn are often apparent when the persons personality is reported to have drastically changed. Most people become angry for no reason, have a huge amount of fear – even for small things, feel extreme sadness or loneliness, anxiety, depression and guilt. The negative emotions of the person may be justified, however the Jinn will take advantage of this emotion, perform WasWas (bad whispering) and therefore cause the problem to seem much larger than it actually is. This kind of effect causes a person become alienated from the rest of the world. Therapy is very important in the case of Jinn affecting the person emotionally.

There are many other effects Jinn have on man, but the ones listed above are the most common.