Ruqya in South Africa

The need for Ruqya in South Africa

Alhamdulillah, Allah Azzawajal has blessed the South African community with diversity in culture and tradition which influences people’s backgrounds and the way they practice Islam; to an extent. However, the principles of Islam supersede all cultural boundaries and traditions. Islam is the uniting factor between Muslims. Diversity within the Muslim population may at times present a possible threat due to relations shared between associates, colleagues, family and friends that are Non-Muslim and live their lives in Shirk. More importantly, diversity in culture may lend to the notion of witchcraft and sorcery (Sihar) being permissible in certain cultures and religions. However, Islam has totally prohibited such a culture. In fact, Sihar through Shirk is severely detestable in the sight of Allah Azzawajal as it is the single major sin which Allah Azzawajal never forgives.

In South Africa, we find many people that utilize sorcery out of cowardice. They cannot confront people amidst conflict; they bottle in their frustration and they turn to Sihar and Jinn to aid them in bringing harm to fellow human beings. Sorcerers (Saahir) offer sacrifices to Evil Jinn or Shayateen or worship them in exchange for things to materialize in favor of the sorcerer and in turn; the person who utilizes the sorcerer to do his wicked actions. This vicious cycle continues and affects innocent Muslim families and communities. Marriages break up, relationships sour, financial turbulence is the norm and emotional instability creams the cake of negativity and depression in a person’s life. People become desperate and resort to measures which further worsen their problems.