There are 5 objectives of Ruqya.
1. Help people who are suffering in their life due to Sihr, Jinn or Ayn
2. Protect the Imaan and Aqeedah (beliefs) of Muslims from shirk
3. Da’wa to non muslims who come for Ruqya
4. Fight shirk, Sihr and sorcerers
5. Break the business of Aamils or Raaqis who charge too much and keep Ruqya a secret

In this way it is a Jihad, a struggle for the sake of Allah. You are also being oppressed and the dua of the oppressed is always answered and you stand up all night making salaah and dua so it must work. You must take the dua very serious.

An example, is how a Saahir makes knots on a person many times and when the person tries to remove the knots he will take very long because the knots are tied over and over again more and more and the Sihr will be complicated and this is how the Saahir will become famous and improve their businesses. You can see that the Saahir will spend the whole night making the Sihr and praying to Shaytaan (or their gods) yet we cannot spend one night praying to Allah, yet we expect the help and protection from Allah. The thing is that if the people working for Shaytaan are ready to make all sacrifices for Shaytaan then we must be ready to make any sacrifices for Allah, otherwise this is how they are going to beat us. We have the truth and we have Quraan but we are not working hard with it.

When you do Ruqya and you find the Saahir making too much Sihr over and over again then you must make more effort and use what Allah has given us and dua is very strong that can be used against them. The best defence is the attack. When you neglect protections (duas) and fighting (steadfastness) then you will lose because there will be new sorcerers making new Sihr on you all the time because it is like if you say “I want to take all drugs out of this country” – do you think the drug dealers will be happy and let you do it? No they will fight against you and do everything to stop you and they wont stop until you and your family are totally destroyed.

This is the reality and if you are not ready to fight then you must leave, but as a Muslim how can we be afraid of Shaytaan and sorcerers. Sorcerers pray over and over to Shaytaan and all he does is just give them very little power so if you are not afraid of Shaytaan then why be afraid of the very little power of a sorcerer. Remember that whatever you do for Islam, Shaytaan will fight you.

For example, for non muslims, Shaytaan will not block their way because they are already kaafir and not praying to Allah, so Shaytaan will only follow them to make sure that they do not come to Islam. But those who follow the right path, Shaytaan will come from all sides and do all things possible to take you away from the right path, so when you are on the right path then you will have problems with Shaytaan but when you are on the wrong path then you “don’t have any more problem”.

That is why the non muslims life always seem to have no problems but it seems the life of a Muslim has many problems, because Shaytaan has a problem with those who are Muslim. When you make Ruqya it is exactly the same, Shaytaan will try harder to fight you but you cannot hide and stay away from because staying away is not a solution.

If you look at the people making Sihr – they are not afraid of Allah or people and are so proud and tell you that they even make Sihr on you but we the ones who pray to Allah and believe in Allah yet we are afraid of them. This is how they beat us.

The work of Ruqya is to fight against Shaytaan for surely he has waged war against man from the beginning until Qiyaama.

May Allah help and protect us.