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April 25, 2018, 03:46:44 PM
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السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اللَّهِ
Bismihi Ta'ala. ..
I dont know how or where to start, but things have not been right in our lives and home.
Im a 35 yr old male with a wife and 2 sons...aged 5 and 7months.
Its been a while now but its as if theres been a change from love to not liking (even tho i do love her). When im out of the house i am fine but as soon as i get home its as if looking at her makes me mad...I've noticed these changes and even give myself targheeb to be normal but its like its impossible. Even in the home i can be normal with our son and my mother but when my wife is in the picture its like i become irritated. Its like i cn never see her doing anything right, even tho she is a wonderful wife and mother.

Then with my wife, since we got married she's been having endless health issues..shes going to be thirty this year and before we married just over five years ago her health was good..now we spend alot of time in hospitals. Shes always tired, has constant uti's and bleeding even after menses..she has a venous malformation in her hamstring and evn specialist say it so rare that the head surgeon in vascular at albert luthuli hospital has never seen it in his career of over 25yrs ...then she has back and neck spasms. Last Ramadhaan she was admitted to hospital for 12 days with breathing problems and while there apendix burst and ruptured...she spent most of her time in hospital on oxygen. Our first pregnancy also saw her mostly on complete strict bed rest because of complications and bleeding and clotting...this pregnancy has started the same (mayb Allah make it easy). She is currently on strict bed rest again.

 Then yesterday after asr salaah i was walking around in the house reading manzil aloud and when i walked into the room I used to sleep in before marrige i got an eerie feeling, was like a tingly feeling up my back into my neck and head...so walked out the room and back in and was normal outside room and got that feeling when i re entered the room,so i did it again to make sure n it was the same and i then had like  lame feeling in my legs..but as soon as i walked out the room i was fine.
Im not sure if something is wrong but it all feels strange. After this we attended treatment at a centre offering jinn catching  (which i have my doubts about). While catching we were told that my wife had a jinn from 11yrs old. After that treatment things were ok for few days amd then back to normal. Then one nyt close to fajr time i was awake n attacking by some shadowed figure which held me down n choked me...with my wife reading i managed to break free..we attented ruqyah again n after 12 days of treatment jinn catching was done again...this time we were told that we no longer had jinn or sihr on us but it was smeared on the walls and entrances...i sprayed the house with quran water n read surah baqarah numerous times. Even with this the walls in our room would gt wet even on days with temperatures above 34c...my wife again is constantly sick and lethargic...n we basically have no relationship because its as if we cant stand each other...please advise as to what we cn do...as ive read that the sihr mus b removed then only will the sihr n jinn protecting the sihr stop working

May 02, 2018, 09:21:17 AM
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ismail warasally

it seems you and your wife are suffering from sihr to break the couple and allah knows best

May 02, 2018, 09:23:36 AM
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ismail warasally

jinn catching is not a method to remove sihr or jinn at all it should be avoided at all costs