Your input is extremely important to us. In order to make sure that you get the best and most authentic treatments, we appeal to you to give us feedback of your experience with a Raaqi. Ideas and suggestions will definitely be taken into considerations whiles complaints and comments will be reviewed and escalated. We will also keep your information safe and secure.


Full Name
Please fill in your full name for reference to the Raaqi who treated you.

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We use this to contact and liase a better service for you.

We would like to know if the Raaqi travelled to your home or if you had to travel to the Raaqis premises.

Jinn Catching
We do not adhere to the process of Jinn Catching and would like to know if this was performed.

Name of Raaqi
Please provide us with the name of the Raaqi who treated you.

Please provide a full description of the treatment process that the Raaqi performed for you, including treatment packs provided. Did the Raaqi do therapy as well?


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