Confessions of a “Jinn Catcher”


Aslaamu Alaykum
I used to be a catcher. I want to share my experience about catching.

I was a patient at the centre and I got possessed then I was told to do jinn catching. I did so and it went on and on – I didnt stop nor did I rest from catching. I became so frustrated, sad and angry that I thought to myself “why isnt it helping”, when they said in the first place that I should catch over and over again – “am i doing it right?” .. yes I was but once you catch you will have to catch over and over.

I used to catch alot for myself like I was told to but nothing seemed to change. I was attacked alot and I was weak and there was no progress until I was told to stop catching and I thought thats not going to help so I continued catching again. I told myself im going to stop catchimg to give it a try. And then I started giving up and loosing hope in myself and Allah (swt).

I still remember someone telling me that make solaah tul istihara and ask Allah if catching is good or bad, if I must stop catching or carry on. I just felt that catching wasnt what I thought it would be. It doesnt solve anything. Its like an open wound if you scratch it its not going to heal if you leave it to heal it will heal.

Jinn catching is the same, you catch and catch youre going to catch forever so I did research and I asked a couple of people that has experience with catching. I was told to keep my mind at all times and to do meditation. Alhamdulilaah it worked. I was myself. I only dreamt of the unseen but I wasnt attacked anymore until I was told to catch again. I become weaker and weaker and frustrated all over again. I was crying all the time then me and my spouse spoke and I was told that in order for me to become stronger I must find out again what to do about the catching and this person told me that I must make dhikr and keep my mind. I must stop catching and rely on Allah (swt). Only Allah can help me, not catching, then walaahie I felt better again Alhamdulilaah.

Shukr Allah (swt) for everything and I would like to say shukran to everyone out there who has helped me and adviced me to do the right thing. I make dua that Allah bestow all his mercy upon all and reward all in abundance. I wont forget you all in my sincere duahs.. Allah is our Lord his most powerful we should never feel alone Allah is always here and will always be. Never loose hope in the mercy of Allah. Jinn catching is not the solution and does not help but only makes it worse.

. Wa Alakum Salaam..
Apa Rafeedah Solomons