The 7 Spiritual Advices

1. Always show respect to those that are your senior and have mercy to those that are your junior.
2. Make Allah Azzawajal your “bestest” of friends by speaking to Him in your thought processes which makes you live your entire day in Duaa and is a Zikar (rememberance) of Allah Azzawajal.
3. Make certain your Salaah is never made Qadhaa and performed in the Masjid for the menfolk where necessary.
4. Treasure and honour your parents; their care and support will always be for you and not against you. They are human and may make mistakes but what they’ve given you over your many years is the ocean compared to their mistakes which is a pin drop that is insignificant.
5. If you cannot increase the girth of mountains or the span of the earth, do not stamp on this earth with your nose to the sky!
6. Follow the Sunnah (Prophetic teachings) in ALL aspects of your life and recite Bismillah before you do ANYTHING:
7. Never back down when days are dim, lift up your head towards the sky and exclaim: “Oh Rabb! Be mine and be of my assistance.” That tear that trickles down your cheek is the gateway of Allah’s mercy enshrouding you. Be positive, remain positive and march with spiritual confidence towards good, with the creator at your side.