What is a Raaqi
In short, a Raaqi is a person who has studied and understands the science of Ruqya according to Quraan and Sunnah and who treats people and assists them in the fight against Sihr, Evil Eye and Jinn. There are many different methods of Ruqya, but what makes a person a true Raaqi is one who practises Ruqya according to the Quraan and Sunnah. We do not consider a Raaqi to be an Aamil, neither do we make use of Jinn Catching, Taweez and Amulets. The method that is adopted is simple, easy to understand, easy to learn by even non-ulema and is totally free from all Shirk methods.

A Raaqi can be male or female with total yaqeen in Quraan.

A Raaqi does have to adhere to certain rules and regulations, which are all the orders of Allah. If you would like to become a Raaqi to treat yourself or other people, you are free to contact us for training.

The Commitment
Those willing to get more involved, a piece of advice: have no other goal in your life but Allah, then everything will be all right. All problems you face will be a fortification for your faith, a forgiveness of your sins, a cause for repentance, an increase to your experience. We have never seen any activity increasing faith more than Ruqya, not to mention it allowing you to preach Islam to men and Jinn as well as gaining good actions and blessings from people you cure. It may also generate decent income, preventing you from getting involved in prohibited financial activities, which harms the image of the practicing Muslim as well as the Muslim themselves.

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