The world in darkness and evil

In the fiery world of trials and tribulations, darkness is a dominant force in the existence of many beings and communities. The force which truly distinguishes us from fellow human beings alike is the constituent of faith also termed as Imaan; believing in Allah alone and importantly; not ascribing any partner to Allah Azzawajal and neither attributing qualities of Allah Azzawajal to beings who are His creation; irrespective of their piety, nobility or ancestry. The moment we ascribe partners to Allah Azzawajal, we are no more people of Islamic Faith or Mumineen. This is a rather grave situation as Allah Azzawajal forgives all sins besides those that are classified as Shirk by the righteous scholars or anything of the like.

Today, the force of Shirk tries to squeeze out the lives of many people. They become victims of suffering in their emotional, physical, social, financial and intellectual life. They become restless to the fantasies of beings that we cannot see, out of fear. My dear brother and sister: know well that Allah Azzawajal has kept humankind His Vicegerents on this earth, meaning: we are the most superior form of creation. The egos of Shayateen and Jinn thrive when we express fear to them and yet Allah Azzawajal has made us intellectually superior to them! Physically, they may have the upper hand but that will never make them superior to us in the sight of Allah Azzawajal. There are two physical and two spiritual weapons to combat these evil Jinn, their sorcery which they carry to and from sorcerers to harm people and cause turbulent wave patterns in their lives, as well to prevent them from entering one’s being.

By: Muhammed Bin Allie Sheik

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