The Greatest Verse in the Quraan

Ubayy bin Ka'b (radi Allahu anhu) reported: "The Messenger…
April 21, 2016/by Sauda Ismail

Confessions of a “Jinn Catcher”

Aslaamu Alaykum
I used to be a catcher. I want to share…
March 30, 2016/by Rashaad Sallie

Having Conviction that Cure is from Allah Alone

Often we find that people afflicted with calamities, sihr and…
March 22, 2015/by Sauda Ismail

Beating Demotivation

Alhamdulillaah, another campaign of treating and educating people…
June 24, 2014/by Sauda Ismail

4 Symptoms of Sihr

1. Blockages in life.
Blockage in life refers to no progress…
June 21, 2014/by Sauda Ismail

Denying the Existence of Jinn

The word Jinn comes from an Arabic root meaning “hidden from…
June 20, 2014/by Sauda Ismail

10 Ways to know if you have Sihr

1. Sihr of Separation
This is very common form of black magic…
April 20, 2014/by Sauda Ismail

Jinn in the houses

Since jinn have the ability of shape-shifting, they can take…
April 15, 2014/by Rashaad Sallie

The world in darkness and evil

In the fiery world of trials and tribulations,…
March 31, 2014/by Rashaad Sallie
ruqya, south africa

2 Physical and Spiritual Weapons

The two physical are:

1.Lifestyle adjustments: towards the…
March 30, 2014/by Rashaad Sallie
Ruqya in South Africa

The need for Ruqya in South Africa

Alhamdulillah, Allah Azzawajal has blessed the South African…
March 28, 2014/by Rashaad Sallie

Du‘as for Protection

by: Muallimah Sa'uda Ismail taken from Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat.
March 24, 2014/by Rashaad Sallie

Can humans marry Jinn?

by: Muallimah Sa'uda Ismail (taken from Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat)

March 23, 2014/by Rashaad Sallie

The 7 Spiritual Advices

1. Always show respect to those that are your senior and have…
March 17, 2014/by Rashaad Sallie

The truth about Taweez [video]

Please be advised that this video is to educate those in…
March 16, 2014/by Rashaad Sallie

Recognising a magician

Distinctive Features of A Sahir’s (magician’s) Work
If you…
February 15, 2014/by Rashaad Sallie

Ta’weez and its effects

Having read the post from Sunni Path, supporting the use of ta’weez,…
February 15, 2014/by Rashaad Sallie

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